About Us!

Broadway Barter

Formed in 1996, Broadway Barter has developed a successful formula of filling unsold theater seats for increased revenue to the producers and at the same time generating media exposure. A theater seat has no value once a show’s over. 80-90% of an average show is sold. Broadway Barter turns that remaining 10-20% of unused seats into valuable advertising exposure.

Broadway Barter’s program is based on combining a Trade/Cash blend that delivers your target audience. Its unique and creative formula has made it one of the most competitive media sources in the market today.

Primary Business

Media Promotion and Media Placement for

  • Broadway Shows
  • Off-Broadway Shows
  • Lincoln Center Productions
  • Out-of-Town Performances (Shows on the Road)

When Walt Disney wanted to promote their musical, Beauty & the Beast, they turned to barter as a means to offset a good deal of advertising expenses. They used a blend of show tickets and cash to achieve their goal. Previously unsold tickets, which were worthless if not filled, were used to generate print ads in inflight magazines, thus optimizing revenue and performance attendance.

BroadwayBarter.com is a division of Broadway Barter, LLC

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